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Title: Rerouting main oil supply
Post by: Sirdeuce on July 18, 2010, 01:06:55 PM
This is a mod I thought up myself. Might have been done before, but I haven't heard of it done elsewhere, YET. This mod removees the oil galley from the oil pump to the filter, and the internal pressure relief valve while relocating the e filter. First things first, after the block is cleaned , and before any of the machining is performed. Drill and tap the oil galley to the filter, and install plugs,  both at the pump inlet and oil filter mounting boss, pressure side of course. Doing this before machining the bearing saddles and cylinders for the same reasons youuse a torque plate and torque the mains before machining, block distortion. Now, drill and tap the oil pump outlet and screw in a plug. Block the oil pressure relief ports. I prefer using a rod to hold the relief piston in the closed position. remove the plug from the pump's suppply galley(the plug outside the engine), you can use this to plug the pump outlet. Install a a flare fitting here, AN-8 flare x 1/2" pipe thread work nicely. Now, on the oil filter boss, there are available fitting that will fit the blocks oil inlet from the filter. You could use the stock piece and bolt a filter relocation adapter instead. run the lines like relocating the filter and installing a cooler. Install a 'T' fitting inline on the 'hot' side of the filter, before the oil cooler.  This will be routed to the oil pan with an inline relief valve. The relief valve is available from a few manufacturers. the inline valves are completely adjustable and have a more consistant pressure holding capability than the stock set-up. Installing the relif on the 'hot' side of the filter decreases fluctuations in the pressure by removing it from temperature fluctuations that are present in the 'cold' side of the cooler. If desirable, a cooler can be installd after the relief valve to introduce a cool oil to the pan. End result is  better oil flow, more consistant pressure and easier installtion possibilities when installing a turbo. I plan to use this system on my 7AGE, as it is basically an experiment anyway. If it works well enough, I'll suggest it to anyone who runs a 4AGE.
Title: Re: Rerouting main oil supply
Post by: BigMike on July 21, 2010, 02:28:04 PM
So much to reply to, ohh so little time
Title: Re: Rerouting main oil supply
Post by: Sirdeuce on July 21, 2010, 08:29:04 PM
Gotta take care of the important things first. Ya know priorities are priorities. So get those replies in!
Title: Re: Rerouting main oil supply
Post by: BigMike on July 29, 2010, 12:51:19 PM
Isn't this idea the same thing as blocking off the pressure relief/dump port and using a filter relocation kit to plumb the oil to a filter/cooler combo mounted external to the engine?
Title: Re: Rerouting main oil supply
Post by: Sirdeuce on July 29, 2010, 09:01:11 PM
The bypass oil in the stock system is a secondary oil releif. Oil bypassed  from there ony goes into the oil pan, not into the block. The primary oil relief dumps direcdtly into the block, without the advantage of being cooled at all. The rerouted system removes the secondary relief giving a full flow oiling system. Advantages are a cooler oil directly to the block, through a cooler of course. More consistant pressure. And you can install a secondary cooler from the relief valve dumping cooled oil to the pan, dual cooling system! Kind of a pseudo dry sump system.