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GT5 has arrived! Got my copy! Too damn bad I won't be able to check it out 'till Monday. :smack:

Not doing too bad for the first day. just working on the licenses.
B license; 8 gold, 2 silver
A license; 7 gold, 3 silver
IC license; 2 gold, 6 silver, 2 bronze
More fun to come! Burn day, gotta make a fire.

B license  all gold
A license  all gold
IC license  8 gold, 2 silver
IB license  all silver
IA license  8 silver, 2 gold
S  license  2 gold, 5 silver, 3 bronze
Currenmtly at level 26, just.
Found out that a couple of the trophies you can get are surprizes! Hidden trophies in clude!! Rollover and total your car! And one that is proving to be harder than iy might seem, knock a part off your car. Yeah, smash the Veyron into a concrete barrier at 250 mph and it stays intact! Yeah right! Out side of that, I have 120 cars in my garage!
The side chalenge that I had sooo much fun with is the TOP GEAR challenge! First, the beginner level.  VW micro busses any one? The track at TOP GEAR is a figure 8 set up! I know, let's run 2 separate groups in 2 separate sections! Now the challenge is to not hit, or get hit! VW kubelwagons and schwimminwagons at 50 paces! I damn near fell out of my chair when the Kubelwagon directly in front of me got taken out by a schwimminwagon!

How did I miss this thread?!

Wish I had a PS3 then we could be building our licenses together

4 hours of Tsukuba! Lap 166, my thumbs are bleeding! Lap 200,MEDIC!! Lap 221, end of race!! 1st-2nd gap is 21 laps! Spent most of the time pusing the other cars off the track.  :yikes: Is that bone I see prodruding from my thumb?! :yikes:


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