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Japan's quake

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Holy crap! What a tragedy. One thing after the next. But with one disaster after the other, and the power released from the tectonic plates moving, I want to know if Mt. Fuji is remaining stable. I'd hate to see that on top of all the rest of this. Does any body have the savy to find info on this subject? Yeah, I need help finding a site that has this info. I would like to know more 'cause noone is saying anything on that 'dormant' volcano. I did find that Fuji erupted 7 times in the last millenia. The last eruption was about 300 years ago, 100 years before that. Could this quake have awakened Fuji?

It is very, very, very sad... My wife and I donated $400 to the relief effort. I wish I was over there helping out.............

Sorry to say it Mike, but they probably wouldn't let you go there to help. Too many issues to be addressed first. But give it a little time, and maybe.


--- Quote from: Sirdeuce on March 21, 2011, 06:14:30 PM ---Sorry to say it Mike, but they probably wouldn't let you go there to help.
--- End quote ---
Yeah, we both know it and that feeling of helplessness is killing us!

They had  about 2000 volunteers show up to help one day. Some had to hold hand written signs telling the others there was not enough positions to fill, try again tomorrow. Or something like that. They turned away about 1500 voluteers.


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