- - BigMike's 87 MkI 4A-GELU Intake System - -

BigMike's Big Radio Shack Thermometer

This is the test thermometer that I am currently using to monitor the temperature in and around my engine compartment.
I mainly have it focused on the airfilter as shown in the below picture.

I bought this electronic thermometer from my local Radio Shack regularly $19.95 on sale for $9.95! What a bargan. I have seen electric thermometers on trucks that come by my fathers shop to meet my father or to see his shop as my father is a famous man in the Toyota 4WD market. I have always thought when I get a car I'm gonna get one of thoes! Welp here it is in all its $10.73 taxed glory!

What a neet way to monitor temperatures anywhere on the car as the cord is very long!

Do I notice results from the mods that I have done to reduce engine temperature?
Hell yes!
Av. Filter Temp before cooling mods:
Av. Filter Temp after dishes cut out:

Highest record temp while running:

125-130 F
107-118 F

around 140 F while waiting for a long light

I get around 10-15 F cooler simply by cutting out thoes dishes!
all numbers are crunched from above my new direct flow airfilter and about 95-100degres frairenheit with direct sunlight shining down through the vents at around 50mph avarage