- - BigMike's Radar/Laser Detector- -

BigMike's Big Police Policer

First I would like to give my thanks out to the MR2 Mailing List that I am on for responding to my question about radar detectors!

Bell 870 with Digital Voice and SWS

I just bought this radar detector in hopes of avoiding any police interference in my quest to beating every Rice-Rocket in my town. I looked into the Valentine1, but I don't have $400 to spend on any kind of radar detectors, so I bought this Bell 870 instead. It is a very nice radar detector and the SWS system allready alerted me of a fire trucks in my area before I even saw the smoke! I have no other experence with other detectors, so what I have to say is shallow.

It mounts great here for in the City, and I will mount it on top of my dash once I get out on the highway. I will also report how it does on the open road and what my reaction is to these little black boxes of matter.

To the bat cave robin!