Subject: R.I.P. : 'Metal'ing with the deceased
Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 00:10:40 -0700
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I did not remove my late motor until today (Sunday).

First Step: Drain the oil....

If this is what you see after swirling your finger in some synthetic oil with only 400 miles on it, then you know you have a junk motor  :(
Lots of metal, eh ?

It had been a (seemingly) long time since I had last meet my engine like this..

...and so the tear-down begins...

And get this, Cylinder #1, #2, and #4 all have these dents on them! So the debris had to of some-how made its way out of an intake valve, some-how sucked into the intake manifold(??), and then made its similar rounds to three different cylinders! (???what???)
OR, the debris came from somewhere in my Supercharger, or maybe multiple fins from my intercooler broke off and got sucked in, ¡¿QUEIN SABES?!

And the head is all beaten up also, but it should be easy to re-surface it (sorry, no pics).

This is cylinder #4.

This is the weak cylinder, cylinder #1. Those lines on the side of the chamber (at about 2 o'clock) are deep!
Hopefully a 20 over piston set will be enough!

And here is why cylinder #1 is the weakest:

If you look closely, you can see that in the foreground, cylinder #2 (piston here got beaten up also!) has the top compression ring making its way up the chamber much higher than that of the one in the background, the weak cylinder #1.

So apparently, my engine has been in bad shape this whole dang time! And I only have put 8k on it since I installed it.
So now I know how this foreign engine was driven before it came over seas, HARD...! VERY HARD!

Dr. Stephen Gunter, any ideas????????
How could a small bit from a broken piston ring make its way past an intake valve while it is open on the intake cycle, and swirl around in the intake manifold heading into other chambers, and then making its way out another intake valve and around in the manifold a second time?
Maybe the compression stroke is starting before my grind #294's can get the intake valves all of the way closed???? and it is being pushed out of the cylinder through an intake valve in that manner?

Tomorrow evening after work, I am going to remove the bottom end, and find out just how long my piston rings have been broken..

More pics:

Top shot of Cylinder #1. Yeouch! (this engine is filthy too, huh!)

Or maybe something anywhere in the intake route broke into multiple pieces of similar lengths and size and got sucked in... 3 out of 4 cylinders???????!

But what could make these kind of marks besides a piston ring??
And I never found anything that long (or any objects that would amount to) a piece that size! stuck in the catalytic converter..!

Anyways, I want to re-build this engine to take a SC14 unit with a Cusco pulley on it.
What's that, 17 ? 18? 19psi?
And what's that, 250, 260, 270 crank HP?
And what's that, high-, mid-, or low- 12 secs in the 1/4 ?

Stephen, how much could I expect to pay for 4 forged pistons with heavy duty connecting rods?
About $100-120 / per piston ?
$?? / per connecting rod?

Talk to everyone another time,

Michael Czajkowski
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