Subject: Re: ::: R.I.P. 4A-GZE :::
Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 00:39:19 -0700
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I have already got (shallow) plans to get my SC14 to safely push 18 - 20
psi with my Cusco pulley..... (I think)
.....and have me not worrying about it.

No more LOW PSI. It's time for some HI PSI.
I am taking this totally optimistically. I knew I would be rebuilding it
sooner or later, especially if I wouldn't pass a smog test next
February, now with it rebuilt, it should. *I know that if it can pass
the numbers, then I can get it past the visual... I have connections!*
I mean I didn't know how it was ran back in Japan, and I think the
100-120+ MPH in fifth gear at 6k+ rpm at 10+ psi non-stop for a good
straight 1/2 hr-45min didn't held my motor out too much either.

And now I get to learn how to rebuild a 4A motor! Tomorrow I am going to
yank it out. My car is sleeping inside the shop right now.... wow. It
had spent its last night their back in January, and now it is back. This
little car sure has ran hard for me and has treated me better than I
could have ever expected it to. The least I can do for it is rebuild the
motor back into its full glory for eating up cars left and right on the