Subject: Re: R.I.P. : 'Metal'ing with the deceased [part 2]
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 00:47:13 -0700
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Bryan Heitkotter wrote:

Bryan Heitkotter

> my gut says that to run 18+ psi you should


> 1) Upgrade yer fuel delivery.

Supra Turbo Fuel Pump is ready to spin again, and I think the stock injectors flow enough.

> 2) Reduce static compression ratio (8.0:1? Back to stock ratio for you bub!).

No! Then it would be just another engine running high compression! I want to keep the 8.9:1 and run enormous boost !
But you are right, though. It would be much safer to run 19psi under 8.0:1 comp.

> Still working on that water injection kit?

Not really... But I know one thing, I have until I get 2k miles on my (new rebuilt) engine before I start running max boost daily, and I am NOT going to run anything over 13 psi WITHOUT water injection.
I have two bites right now on my blue 86', and once sold, I will have $ to waste over the Aqua Mist system. (400 $, dang!)

> Can you explain to me why the piston ring debris
> did not damage your valvetrain? Are your valves
> just made of a tougher material? What about the
> intake/exhaust ports near the valves?
No, No and No. The head is terribly damaged at the ceilings of the cylinders, but I can still get it resurfaced with no problems. And the valves are _more than likely_ bent, and the seats are _most likely_ totally ruined, and that's why a valve job will be performed. But you would want to do this when rebuilding a motor anyways..
I am sure that the valves in cylinder #1 are bent, because the compression is soo low, but the compression in the other 3 were proper compression. So I don't know if they (valves) are bent or not, but it would seem unlogical for them not to be.

> I would imagine it would be worth your while to get
> upgraded connecting rods just to be on the safe side.
> I have heard the stockers are good until about 250 crank
> HP.

Hmm ? that's alot of power ! If my pulley can spin the SC14 to produce 18 almost 19 psi, then I think I might be looking at 270 crank HP.
Far fetched am I? (this is a question)

> Nice though, aren't they? Shot-peened and everything?

Oh yes, they are very nice! Very beefy for such a small and lightweight piston!

But they are not shot-peened.

Any idea where in the city I can get them shot-peened? It is mandatory if I am to continue to use them.

And about your new struts, I have no idea which go where (long/short sizes).

Did you figure it out yet? And if so, how does it feel? (for you and you'r car, it should be 1,000,000% better!)


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