Subject: Re: R.I.P. : 'Metal'ing with the deceased [part 2]
Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 01:01:56 -0700
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Those injectors will be getting a workout for sure.... better work up the boost nice and easy and keep an eye on your SplitSecond meter. but you probably knew that.

Ah, so the head *is* damaged. I just hadn't seen any pictures of it so I was beginning to wonder if them pistons were just soft or what.

Mmm yes, nice big beefy rods... I was under the impression all J-spec 4AGZE engines had factory shot-peened rods. I thought I read that several places. Guess yours is proof they didn't (or at least not until later?).

Any idea where in the city I can get them shot-peened? It is mandatory if I am to continue to use them.

I'd recommend looking for some heavy duty aftermarket ones, but if you want to continue to use the stock ones, do get them shot peened (not a clue where -- racing engine speed shop??) AND magnafluxed.

And about your new struts, I have no idea which go where (long/short sizes).
Did you figure it out yet? And if so, how does it feel? (for you and you'r car, it should be 1,000,000% better!)

No, they're still sitting in my room. I had 3 finals today so I didn't really have time to go figuring out struts! I might look up the Koni website and see if they have part#s for the MR2 struts F/R. I will have to find a place where I can get a good deal getting them installed. They were expensive enough already! Then I'll have to get an alignment again. :( More money that I don't have.

Bryan Heitkotter
71 Plymouth Cuda
1987 Toyota MR2