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Track / Future track events
« on: March 24, 2015, 10:53:52 AM »
I have not yet seen a topic to post track events you plan to be at in the future. On April 19th i will be at thunder hill raceway with NASA doing HPDE 3 in my MR2. If any of you guys can make it, i would be glad to see you there.

N00b Check-In / Hello
« on: December 16, 2014, 08:46:58 AM »
Hello, my name is Colston and im from Visalia. i drive an 88' MR2 with 70k miles on it - NA Bone stock. it sat in some guys garage for close to 15 years with nothing but a broken starter. just to introduce myself I am 19 and part of a Lemons team called the California High Speed Fail, we only raced the button willow turrible in august for 8 and a half hours till we snapped a piston and it went off like a bomb. we are now on our third engine and it hasnt left the drive way since then  :willynilly: Nothing but bad luck with the 88 IRoc and used engines. I am in the middle of NASA's HPDE #3 and will be for a while because i am flat broke. i do have full equipment (suit, helmet, ect.).

The ol MR2 is my third car, i had an 85' celica GT-5 with 290k miles on it before i t-boned a 70s Lincoln (aka, a brick wall), and an NA 88' 13b fc RX-7 with 270k miles on it (rebuilt) that i tracked for HPDE 1 and 2, just sold it. I ran into this forum through a friend - john loveall- at a church event who gave me a link. nice to meet you guys!

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