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Hey Bryan,

Earlier this spring (before I revived my car) I saw a MK1 here in town with LED brake lights. The main brake lights.

So I've been searching around and can't find anything yet... Was this something custom the guy did? Have you ever seen a website regarding this?

The lens were the stock rear MK1 tail light lens, 87-89 style, but he had like 4 or 5 rows of red horizontal LEDs, maybe 10 or 15 LEDs per horizontal row.

Cars / Chee, Bill, and BigMike's Cars Unite
October 06, 2010, 01:34:50 PM
Cars / 4A/MR2/Corolla Link Archive
October 01, 2010, 06:07:53 PM
Here are some links I've collected recently. Please feel free to add your own favorite MR2 links to the thread!

Matti Kalalahti's Tech Site --

1986-1989 MR2 MKI Supercharged Registry --

Automotive main page --

RPM Lab - MR2 MK1 Design and Engineering --

aw11mr2's Photo Gallery --

Toyota MR2 Wiki and FAQ --

MR2MK1Club --

MR2 Mk1 World Community - MR2 MK1 Club North East Region --

MR2 Nutt --

85-89 Toyota Mr2 Parts at Andy's Auto Sport --



Forest Rice --



Toasted Online MR2 --
Engine Theory / Official 4A Specs Thread
September 29, 2010, 01:32:58 PM
This list is a work in progress


Approximate Dates




Intake Port Size

Piston Wrist Pin (mm)

Connecting Rod Big End (mm)

Crankshaft Main Bearing (mm)

Other Features
3 rib block
7 rib block,
stronger bottom end
larger con rods
HP gains f/ remapped ECU
External oil drain,
Different ignition system,
Smaller diameter spark plug cords,
Oil squirters for pistons

EngineCam Cover    Power (kW)    Power (HP)    Torque (lb-ft)    YearCar Models

4A - GZE
No Colour120165 @6400152 @440091.6 - 95.5AE-101

4A - GZE
No Colour120161 @6400152 @440090.10 - 91.6      AE-92

4A - GZE
No Colour108145 @6400137 @440087.5 - 90.9AE-92

4A - GZE
No Colour108145 @6400140 @400086.8 - 89.10AW-11

4A - GE 20V     
Black123165 @7800120 @560096.6 -AE-111

4A - GE 20V     
Silver120161 @7800120 @560091.6 - 95.5AE-101

4A - GE
Red10013489.8 - 92.8AT-170

4A - GE
Red100134 @68001105 @600089.5 - 92.4AE-92

4A - GE
Red & Black8811888.5 - 89.7AT-170

4A - GE
Red & Black88118 @6600100 @480087.5 - 89.4AE-92

4A - GE
Blue & Black8811885.8 - 88.4AT-160

4A - GE
Blue & Black8811885.8 - 87.8AT-160

4A - GE
Blue & Black8811885.8 - 87.7AT-160

4A - GE
?85.6 - 89.10AW-11

4A - GE
Blue & Black88118 @660098 @480084.6 - 85.5AW-11

4A - GE
Blue & Black8811884.10 - 87.4AE-82

4A - GE
Blue & Black8811883.5 - 87.4AE-86


Cam Box Colours / Lettering Colour
Blue & Black on Silver backgroundBlue & Black on Silver backgroundRed & Black (previous motor still in USA)Red on Silver backgroundChrome on Silver backgroundBlack background

Car Model



Intake port size
LargeLargeLargeSmall4 Throttle4 Throttle

18 mm18 mm20 mm20 mm20 mm20 mm

Conrod Big Ends
40 mm40 mm42 mm42 mm42 mm42 mm

Main Bearings
48 mm48 mm48 mm48 mm48 mm48 mm

Injection Type
MAP (Japan/UK)AFM (US/Europe) MAPMAP (Japan/UK?)MAP (Japan/UK?)AFMMAP


No of block ribs

Oil Cooled Pistons

Power (kW)
88 @ 660088 @ 660088 @ 6600100 @ 7200120 @ 7400123 @ 7800

Power (HP)
118 @ 6600118 @ 6600120 @ 6600140 @ 7200160 @ 7400165 @ 7800

Torque (kg-m)
14.5 @ 520014.5 @ 520014.5 @ 520015.0 @ 600016.5 @ 540016.5 @ 5600

Bore x Stroke
81.0 x 77.081.0 x 77.081.0 x 77.081.0 x 77.081.0 x 77.081.0 x 77.0


LowLowLow (USA)HighHighHigh

Tires & Wheels / Rota wheels
September 27, 2010, 08:22:08 PM
I really like 6-spoke wheels, and one wheel I've been considering if the Rota Grid -- because I can afford them. Here are some examples:

Cars / nzae86's AE86 N2 Race Car Project [LOTS OF PICS]
September 25, 2010, 09:39:07 PM
I spent soooo much time reading through this thread I wanted to mirror and share it here. This is the sort of build I want to do to a 1985 MR2 someday. From the frame-up, complete build like this 8)

The goal of this project:

Target weight will be 800 kg (1,764 lbs)

The original thread is over 16 pages long.
I'll cut through all the bullcrap and just post the important stuff :D
Cars / GT300 AE86
September 25, 2010, 05:05:26 PM
Here is the 300-horsepower AE86 used in the GT300 series

Powered by a 3S-GTE

Newsletters / So-Cal Apps Due NEXT WEEK
September 17, 2010, 05:57:26 PM

Heads Up: Signups for the last West Coast race of the year (that'd be December 4-5's LeMons Arse-Freeze-Apalooza at Buttonwillow) are due at midnight next Saturday, the 25th of September. This one combines cold, wind, a fast track, and the romantic lure of rural Bakersfield (Lord help us).

To register, click here; for more event details, click here.

Best &c--JL

John "Jay" Lamm, Chief Perpetrator
5675-C Horton St, Emeryville CA 94608
510.655.5980 x23 (Jay direct)

-WEST: Phoenix (23-24 Jan), Infineon (6-7 Mar), Thunderhill I (8-9 May), Thunderhill II (7-8 Aug), Buttonwillow (4-5 Dec)
-SOUTH: Carolina Motorsports Park I (6-7 Feb), Carolina Motorsports Park II (22-23 May), Carolina Motorsports Park III (25-26 Sep
-MOUNTAIN: High Plains Raceway (10-11 July)
-GULF: MSR Houston I (20-21 Feb), Circuit Grand Bayou I (1-2 May), Eagles Canyon (5-6 June), MSR Houston II (11-12 Sept), Circuit Grand Bayou II (20-21 Nov)
-EAST: Summit Point (19-20 June), Stafford Motor Speedway (24-25 July)
-MIDWEST: Gingerman I (17-18 Apr), Mid-America Motorplex (28-29 Aug), Gingerman II (9-10 Oct), Autobahn (23-24 Oct)
-24-HOUR SEASON ENDER: Palm Beach International Raceway (30-31 December)
Engine Theory / Intercoolers
August 25, 2010, 12:57:32 PM
Track / Video Overlay Systems
August 22, 2010, 01:01:27 AM
Hey guys,

I've been looking around at some overlay systems for our in-car video that we'll use for the LeMons race. Bryan, what sort of systems do you see people using? Do you have any friends who would let us borrow their system for a couple races?

Here are some resources I've come across from a small amount of searching around:

Video VBOX Lite
Example video:

Example video:

Of course these systems are thousands of dollars. There has got to be something really simple that just shows G Forces, like the PDR100 from ChaseCam, but even still it is very expensive ~ $650:

Isn't there something really simple for like $200 or so??
Aero and Fluid Theory / MR2 MK1 Air Dams
August 16, 2010, 04:48:50 PM
Here are some various pics of different air dams

Here are some pics of the Japanese Buddy Club air dam

I really like the red car in the 2nd pic below. The pic where the air dam is all red. That is close to stock and looks great
Ok guys,

I'm gonna run HWY130 on my way home tomorrow. Click here to view the map on Google. Should only be about an hour detour.

I'm gonna leave San Jose tomorrow evening around 6pm and head up the hill. This is the tallest peak in the Silicone Valley Area.

A rough estimate via Google Earth looks like it will be a 4,100 foot gain in only 14 miles GIDDY UP!!!
Engine Theory / 4A-GZE Supercharged Dyno Registry
August 13, 2010, 08:43:42 AM
WOW check out this jewel I found last night:
Projects and Build-Ups / Chee's new Sept/1986 MR2!!
August 12, 2010, 06:57:05 PM
Hey guys!

My co-worker Chee finally bought himself a MR2! He picked up a sweet 1986 1987 MR2 in great running condition for just $700!

It needs some TLC and Chee has a bazillion plans for it. He wants to start with the suspension, going to get some coil overs, and then build an ultimate normally aspirated engine.

Chee will have to get in here and introduce himself to the forum. He has owned a lot of Turbo cars including a Turbo Miata, Talon, and an older Nissan Z-car, like a 240Z I think.

Enough with the chatter, here are pics of his new baby! :D  So how do you like the MR2 Chee? Unlike anything you've ever driven?
Newsletters / Monterey Concours d'LeMons THIS SATURDAY
August 12, 2010, 03:04:45 PM
Leaky Carbs, Bad Design to be Honored:
9am-4pm, Toro Park Monterey (5 minutes past Laguna on Hwy 68)

Remember, heap-car lovers: Concours d'LeMons sullies Monterey this weekend, 9-4 Saturday, at Toro Park on Hwy 68. (That's five minutes east of Laguna Seca--just keep driving.) And what the hell is the CdL? It's... Umm... Well...check out the '09 show in MT, The New York Times, and Hagerty.

As always, LeMons drivers can enter their racecar (or anything sucky) from 7-9am at the gate; all CdL entrants receive a Get Out of Penalty Card for their troubles, redeemable for the race screwup of their choice.

For more deets and general krapwagen love, cruise over to; hope to see you there, assuming my GTV makes it that far--Best, JL
Trips / Burrough Valley Rd > Watts Valley Rd > Fresno
August 12, 2010, 01:04:25 AM
WOW What a drive this is!

When you turn off of Tollhouse Rd onto Burrough Valley Rd, Get ready for a great ride! The road immediately starts off with some really tight corners and continues all the way until you get about half way to Watts Valley Rd. The road is okay, I'd give it a 7 out of 10, there are some choppy sections here and there. Soon the corners begin to open up as you pass through valley after valley. The cool thing about this section of road is that you'll have a long wide 50-60 MPH corner followed immediately by a series of 30 MPH corners, then then again another long wide 50-60 MPH corner, and this repeats 3 or 4 times. It's AWESOME.

Before reaching the T at Watts Valley Rd, there is a looooooooong downhill straight that I got up to 90 MPH in the dark on before letting up. The straight levels out and has a couple rises with blind straights beyond them. If you knew this road and had suspension to soak those up, you could easily do 130 MPH or so flat-out with enough power.

Once you get to Watts Valley Rd, say bye-bye to the yellow & white paint: it's undivided. Trimmer springs is a mere 5 miles to the left, or turn right to head back to Fresno, which is what I did.

Well let me tell you what, if you have watched any Best Motoring International Touge battles on YouTube, such as this one, man this road is a PERFECT place for them to come over here and do some Touge battles on! Because this road is undivided, I recommend doing it after sunset so you can see oncoming headlights. Also Bill tells me there are sometimes wild bore on the road, so watch out!

Wow I'd say this is the BEST road I've EVER driven in my life. It is WAAY better than Mammoth Pools road. The pavement is MUCH better here, VERY smooth everywhere. There are SO MANY TECHNICAL corners I was SUPER AMAZED. I know I've driven this road once while chasing Kevin in his AE86, but that was uphill and I was following someone. WOW what a difference going downhill while leading. Traffic was non-existent, however there are some houses along the road so I'd expect there to be some traffic the next time I drive this road (hopefully very soon!)

There a so many spots where the corners go right, left, right, left, even a couple times they are very close and without any braking needed, full on slalom style! Since it's going downhill, my brakes got right up to their operating temperature and worked AMAZINGLY well. I can't believe how great my brakes are. I never felt any fade and I worked them HARD. This road is just so great, wow, I just want to drive it again.

This road is so technical that it will take me at least 10 times to get it down. There are so many blind uphill rises followed by hard & tight corners. One such uphill rise is followed by a sharp left hander right as you crest over one valley and into the mouth of another. If you were to go straight off the road, it would be very, very bad. My skill was tested a couple times as I did not know the road + driving it hard in the dark. Coming over a crest dropping into a hairpin corner that cuts in unexpectedly very sharp while hitting the brakes is certainly a no-no in a mid engine car.

The road is like a wet-dream come to life until you pass the Pittman Hill turnoff, then it suddenly turns into a highway 41 foothill road. They just laid down fresh pavement on the road past this point and it's still not divided except for the temporary flappy markers.

BUT WOW, WHAT A RUSH! There was NO WAY I was stopping for any pictures. I will have to take a bunch of them after I run that road a couple more times. There is even a windy road sign up there; I don't see many of those around. MAN I was so happy when I passed that, I was like, "LET THE GAMES BEGIN!"

Highly recommended for an extremely technical road that should only be driven after sunset for safety purposes.
Electronics / Good Quality Switches on cheap
August 10, 2010, 11:27:02 AM
Here is what I am talking about Bill:

They look similar to this, but they are a bit larger. They come with 4 condoms: Red, Green Yellow, White. The nice thing is that they are solid, nothing moves around like the CHEAP ASS AutoZone garbage switches that only last a couple of months, or even worse, are dead on arrival.

Also, because they are smaller, you can mount more in less space, so it's a lot cleaner than the stupid plastic Chinese garbage switches
Projects and Build-Ups / AE86 Motivational Thread
July 30, 2010, 01:17:48 PM

At work I like to listen to movies I've already watched (time seems to go quicker) and so I've began listening to the entire Initial D series again. I am on season 1 episode 5 right now...

...and man... I really want to own a AE86. I can't do this for at least 5 years or so because I want to have 1) my own house with 2) my own garage. I want to build a 1985 hardtop MR2 and a AE86 GT-S Corolla and equip both with M90-boosted 2ZZ-GEs. I'm thinking replace the pistons with 9:1 or 8.5:1 compression and run 20 PSI boost, dyno tuned with a Mega or Micro Squirt of course. Gut the cars completely down, I mean allllll the way down and remove all unused circuits from the wiring harnesses, etc.

I was thinking that it is possible to register them and have them street legal if I use a 2ZZ from a Matrix since it is available with a smog-legal M62 Supercharger. Then slap a M90 on it and just tell the Smog guy it's a M62. I'm sure I can get the TRD logo put on there somewhere. Then run the MicroSquirt stashed in the stock ECU case and wa-la.

Dyno tune to a reliable 300-325 horsepower and have both cars weighing right at 2000 pounds.

Man, how fun would that be. The ultimate sleeper. Wake up each morning.... Hmmmm do I want to take the AW11 or the AE86?  8) ;D 8) ;D
Shows in Monterey (August 14) and Watkins Glen (Sept 10)
Inflict Rolling Crap on All Americans

Monterey CA and Watkins Glen NY--Sadly for car lovers east of the Rockies, the awful design, bad engineering, and moronic marketing choices revered by the Concours d'LeMons are no longer quarantined to Monterey on August 14th. An upstate New York outing, in conjunction with the Watkins Glen Grand Prix Festival, will also erupt on September 10th.

Both CdL's celebrate the Oddball, Mundane, and Truly Awful of the Automotive World. The Monterey Weekend show (Saturday, August 14th) will feature such automotive excresences as Renaults, Wartburgs, Hippie Microbuses, and full-race Corvairs; the Dishonored Marques are Ridiculous Huge SUVs and Miserable Minivans. Monterey Weekend's only AutoJumble (that's fancy Limey-talk for "swapmeet") will also cause rancid SU-carb oil to enter to regional water table.

At Watkins Glen (Friday, September 10th), look for only the finest examples from Renault, Yugo, Berkley, cloned Super Sevens, and the sole Saab to last long enough to win a LeMons race. In addition to, you know, the usual boring zillion-dollar race and road cars of the Watkins Glen GP Festival. Yawn.

Concours d'LeMons is brought to you by the same miscreants responsible for Billetproof and The 24 Hours of LeMons. Look for food, judging, prizes, and barf bags onsite. For full details, tickets, and weirdo-car registration information, click

Toro Park Monterey (Hwy 68, 5 mins. past Laguna Seca)
click here for event info & registration
Contact: Alan Galbraith, 916.207.4645

Watkins Glen Village, Watkins Glen NY
click here for info & registration
Contact: Casey Creamer, 506.546.5887