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Bill made some good comments:

Regarding vented rear brakes (upgraded rear brakes), not so necessary with the FX16 since it's not a mid-engine like the MR2. The front brakes will be doing more of the work.

We need to figure out if we can find some larger front rotors for the FX16. Maybe Supra rotors or something from a heavier Toyota with the same 4-bolt wheel pattern?

Pick n pull field trip anyone?

Okay, now we have an MR2. Reduce braking efficiency in the front, increase the rear. '85-'86 front brakes. This allows the vented discs to be retained while reducing the front braking. They were slightly smaller. Then do Mikes trick, put front brakes on the rear. only problem is the loss of the E-brake.  Another way to tune the brakes is by using different pad materials. Organics have less friction than metallic or ceramic. Just need the right combination.

Changing the brake balance with pads gets real tricky on the track.  It's not so hard at an autox where temps only need to come up a little bit to be effective.  The problem we may run into is the pads heating up at different rates and different pads having different efficacy over a given temperature range.  It could be real tough to get the desired results. 

What we need is a proportioning valve. :) 

Given that this is an enduro, I wonder if sticking with the 87+ front brakes might be a better idea since they will dissipate heat better.  I cooked some Carbotech SSF pads with my SC at Buttonwillow after 7-8 laps.

Ok, same brakes front and rear? Prop valve, definately. Another thing we can do is move weight to the front.


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