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--- Quote from: BryanH on March 27, 2010, 06:01:00 PM ---I cooked some Carbotech SSF pads with my SC at Buttonwillow after 7-8 laps.
--- End quote ---

This is the only reason I am worried about this. But, your car is 500 or 600 pounds heavier than our LeMon car and also had more power. So, maybe we won't be toasting our brakes like you did, but they gotta last 8 hours straight two days in a row.

Another way to look at this, if I am being this paranoid, what are other people doing? I'm sure the majority of the cars will be using stock brakes with just upgraded pads only. I would think the stock brakes would be sufficient but from what you said, that's the only reason why I am looking into larger brakes....

Ok, I found a little piece of info we all might take into consideration when we build our cars. The front calipers on a 1990 (maybe others too)  Celica GT has a caliper piston diameter of 57mm. The diameter of the front caliper piston on an AW11 is 46mm. That's like 53% more area! The only thing noted is the bolts to the adapter plate are a size larger. The same pads and other hardware are said to be the same. Simple upgrade with a low cost.

More notes on the rear vented rotor upgrade...

Now that my car is reliable and I'm driving it for what it is instead of taking everything to the extreme, I have gotten to really know the car like I had back when it was N/A (back in 1999). I've already put 6,500 miles on it in just under 4 months.

One thing I've noticed now, and I don't know why I didn't notice this before, the rear brake bias with the rear vented rotors is WAY too much. I really need a proportioning valve installed. I have had the rear end come out a couple of times if I brake hard while entering a corner.

We can't have that with the LeMons car. So if we go larger calipers & vented rotors in the rear, we will need a proportioning valve.

So to hide the cost, all we have to do is just tuck it away up with the gas tank somewhere. Shouldn't be a problem at all really

Put the larger calipers on both the front and back?? Use a prop valve to balance from there. The larger pistons will decrease the leg force required to slow the car! Another fatigue reducing adjustment for the LeMons car.


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