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Have you ever heard of MK1 guys fitting Supra front disk brakes to the front of the MR2? Assuming the bolt pattern is the same and the diameter is larger, we could try this maybe!

I haven't heard of it.  What Supra has a 4x100 bolt pattern?  The MK3?  MKII is 4x114.3, MKIV should be 5x114.3.

Early Supra was 4x114, later was 5x100, Might be able to fit Supra brakes on genII 2's.

You know what would be awesome (but overbudget)?  Adapting the Spyder ABS system to the MK1.  That thing has incredible brakes.  And is already 4x100...

Now the Spyder, that car is an Elise waiting to happen.  They're only 2195lbs stock. :)

This is what I am getting at. Let's find some rotors that have a larger diameter and with the proper bolt pattern, and we'll make it happen. We only need this for the front. We'll use the stock MR2 front brakes in the rear and some larger diameter brakes in the front.

Just for shits & giggles, I'll check prices on Spyder rotors and calipers on Monday.


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