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Started by STUPID FAST, July 12, 2011, 10:30:26 AM

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as you guys all know i have not been active here for a while, last car that i had was the starion, now ive already got two projects on the way

project ballin on a Budget

1973 240z:

f54 (l28) block
N42 head for higher compression
msa twice pipe exhaust (custom ghetto fab the muffler)
msa 6-2 headers ceramic coated
triple solex mikuni 40phh carbs
sk (sanyo kiki) intake manifold
r200 diff welded (why welded? cause im a dumb a55)
rota RB-R 17x9 front 17x9.5 rear
bamf (big ass mutha f@#k3r Flares) ZG Flares
msa air dam

wish list:
gnose conversion

as of now the carbs are getting rebuilt and sync

Project GO or BLOW!

1990 Miata:
stock 1.6L motor 183K miles
sbr g50 (50 trim turbo)
ching chong ebay exhaust manifold
ching chong ebay 2.5" down pipe
ching chong ebay 2.5" intercooler kit
hks bov
mega squirt plug n play ecu
aem wideband
hallman manual boost controller

parts needed:
walbro 255 lph fuel pump
rx7 turbo 550cc or rc 550cc injectors
full catback exhaust
set of nice coilovers
set of cheap diamond racing 15x11 wheels (yes that wide!)
fender flares
could use a paint job
and a tall giant wing!
hoping for 20 psi


Hey Chee, let's see some updates on the Z!! :_order:


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traded the miata for another z, this one's got a sbc 350 in it, sounds cool and pretty fun to drive.


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