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Started by BigMike, July 30, 2010, 01:17:48 PM

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At work I like to listen to movies I've already watched (time seems to go quicker) and so I've began listening to the entire Initial D series again. I am on season 1 episode 5 right now...

...and man... I really want to own a AE86. I can't do this for at least 5 years or so because I want to have 1) my own house with 2) my own garage. I want to build a 1985 hardtop MR2 and a AE86 GT-S Corolla and equip both with M90-boosted 2ZZ-GEs. I'm thinking replace the pistons with 9:1 or 8.5:1 compression and run 20 PSI boost, dyno tuned with a Mega or Micro Squirt of course. Gut the cars completely down, I mean allllll the way down and remove all unused circuits from the wiring harnesses, etc.

I was thinking that it is possible to register them and have them street legal if I use a 2ZZ from a Matrix since it is available with a smog-legal M62 Supercharger. Then slap a M90 on it and just tell the Smog guy it's a M62. I'm sure I can get the TRD logo put on there somewhere. Then run the MicroSquirt stashed in the stock ECU case and wa-la.

Dyno tune to a reliable 300-325 horsepower and have both cars weighing right at 2000 pounds.

Man, how fun would that be. The ultimate sleeper. Wake up each morning.... Hmmmm do I want to take the AW11 or the AE86?  8) ;D 8) ;D


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I'm sure Kevin can agree with me on this. The Hachi is a blast in stock form! Beef the suspension, install a good LSD, 4.7 gears, W series trans(longevity), the T series is an adequate trans though). Build the engine to @175hp @8500RPM. Lighten the car. Most of the non pro drifters are running this level of tune. 300hp is a bit much for the light frame. More likely than not, detrimental to the handling, it'll twist the body too much, and the suspension really isn't designed for that type of power. Remember that the little car that could, could due to the balance of power, body rigidity, suspension and weight. Throw away that balance and you've trashed the car. Best I ever saw was a Honda S2000 engine/trans(stock tune) in a completely done suspension, caged, welded, lightened 86. Oh yeah, when you get to this level, you have to use GOOD tires, not just street tuner tires, but track tires. Regular tires will last as long as track tires, if you get my.....uh.....drift. Yeah, massive power is as LOT more work than it's worth. The 86 is a living 'less is more' philosophy.
As far as the 2ZZ, not really sure if it is adaptable to FR. SR20, F20, GZE, 2JZ, 7MGTE, RB26, RB25 are all FR set ups,  and fairly easy to adapt to the 86.
I really do miss mine, wish I never sold it. Sorry Kevin.
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