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Good Quality Switches on cheap

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Here is what I am talking about Bill:

They look similar to this, but they are a bit larger. They come with 4 condoms: Red, Green Yellow, White. The nice thing is that they are solid, nothing moves around like the CHEAP ASS AutoZone garbage switches that only last a couple of months, or even worse, are dead on arrival.

Also, because they are smaller, you can mount more in less space, so it's a lot cleaner than the stupid plastic Chinese garbage switches


I'm getting them for about $1.50 each or so, something like that, so they are also cheaper than the stupid AutoZone crap

I just like them a lot better. I've bought 4 or 5 of them but I've not put them to use yet. I am going to start using them in the MR2 soon.


Also you directly soder the wires to the switch instead of using STUPID wire crimp ends which are homosexual

Especially since reliability counts for the LeMons car..

I see the current rating is 1.5Amp. That would be enough to energize relays. The fuel and EFI relays would be fine with that, but I would prefer at least a 5Amp switch. Need a caouple momentary on switches for the wipers and starter also. The starter should have a relay. The wipers are going to have 2 switches in parallel, 1 momentary for light rain or mist and 1 to turn the system on. Probably wire the wipers for the medium speed. Could use a relay here also, but if we go just switch, 15Amp rating would be a minimum. Isolated circuits are planned to be fuel, EFI, starter, ignition, Fan(heating or cooling the cockpit[yeah, I wrote cockpit]).  Might consider a sprayer to wet the radiator in case of overheating.

Ohhhhh ok, I see what you are looking for

I used to shop at an amazingly cheap electronics website from the east coast, but I lost all my bookmarks and I can't find that site again. They had a HUGE listing of switches with full details...


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