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I looked up pricing info on the MicroSquirt and it's gonna be around $300 - $400 new. I will definitely be getting one for my MR2, so maybe a month in advance I could pull it out and run my stock Toyota ECU, and then get the FX16 on the Dyno and get it tuned for the LeMons race.

So in other words, I'll donate this for the race :D

Originally posted in this thread, here are the pictures of the fully programmable and dyno tunable MicroSquirt:

And here is a stock 4A-GE computer that we'll install it into:

#12090 I believe is a MAP type ECU. I have a #17051 to trade for it.

Just some pic I found on the good ol' internet. No wonder someone bothered taking a pic of that then lol

This may require a bit more work than what I already posted, but, I have an AE92 high comp ECU, sensors and harness. I am missing the 2 O2 sensors though. Non T-VIS, 130hp (140 little Japanese horses) before any mods. If not the first engine, the second maybe??

What is the MAP system you were planning on using?


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