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Highway 130 - Mt Hamilton between San Jose & Patterson, CA

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Ok guys,

I'm gonna run HWY130 on my way home tomorrow. Click here to view the map on Google. Should only be about an hour detour.

I'm gonna leave San Jose tomorrow evening around 6pm and head up the hill. This is the tallest peak in the Silicone Valley Area.

A rough estimate via Google Earth looks like it will be a 4,100 foot gain in only 14 miles GIDDY UP!!!

Since this will be my first trip up this road, plus it will be dust/dark, there is no way I'm gonna stop for a bunch of pics -- I'll be having too much fun!!

So I searched around the net a bit and found some pics. Can't wait!

Found a couple more good pics

We need to ROAD TRIP!!!!

I made it back home in one piece :D Will have a trip report soon -- that was a Looooooooooong drive! I learned a lot more about my car & I am really starting to push it more and more & the more I demand from it the more it delivers :)

Some teaser pics ;)


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