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MR2 MK1 Air Dams

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Here are some various pics of different air dams

Here are some pics of the Japanese Buddy Club air dam

I really like the red car in the 2nd pic below. The pic where the air dam is all red. That is close to stock and looks great

Here are pics of the ToySport air dam, which I owned for a brief time period but sadly sold it before ever installing it.

The last pic is the ToySport vs. the Buddy Club

I'm not sure what this one is. Is this like some Nissan 240 air dam or something?

Here is another oddity. This guy has a sweeeeet Japanese site here:

Really the Stock Air Dam really isn't that bad, I like it a lot, but the problem is trying to find one in good shape...

The bright blue car added some effects to the stock bumper

and the silver car appears to have a 1985-86 style dam mounted beneath a 87-89 dam LOL!!!!


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