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Oil viscosity and additives


Moly, HP additives, Lucas, teflon, X90, Any of these things you have used? Raising or lowering gear oil vis for a race? Engine oil viscosity, how far would you go? Do you think we could get by with a 5w-20 synthetic for the duration? 0w20? 0w15? Or do we play it safe since we really don't know much about the engine? I know teflon is a joke. The additive X90(I think that was what it was called[snake oil maybe]) seemed promising. What have you heard of or used?

Anybody have expeience with, or knows anyone that has experience with PX3 oil additives? Might be a consideration for the Poupe'.

Nope. Have you heard of MaxiLube? We are a distributor for it and apparently, you know, "it's the best" :ha_ha:

Here is the website:

I've used it before in my MR2 and I plan on using it with my 6spd also (when I flush it next week). I don't know how it compares to other products but I buy it just to support Marlin and Tony's Automotive (that is where we sell it, through Tony at the other shop).

If it actually reduces friction and increases laod capability of the oil then it's worth it.


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