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Bill: Redneck Ricers Hilbilly Delux

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Bill's idea:

Redneck Ricers Hillbily Delux

* Race in overalls, and show up to inspection carrying shotguns.
* Glue ZZ Top beards to our helmets.
* Run the car on ethanol.
* Put the letters XXX over the fuel filler.
* Paint a sign "Powered by lightnin'".
* Put a stuffed pig in the back looking at the drivers behind us
* Put straw down in the pit area. We can all talk like hillbillies.
* Put a mock up still in the back of the car, run a tube around the exhaust, and run a little water through it. Make the still look operational.
* Need to get a dukes of hazard dixie horn, or a porky's pig horn

Mount a second engine in the rear, Hillbilly FXscudo!

Now we have the MR2! Since we have to assemble the thing, we can put it together all sloppy like.

           The birth of         Ba Ba Bummmmm


Any body got lab coats??

I like the mad scientist approach a lot better than a redneck approach

I was the way to go, taking a dead and broken body, piecing it together with parts from other bodies. But the idea of stitching it together with bailing wire still fits though. Big bolts on the "B" pillars. Of course a pale (rotten flesh) green color. But who gets to wear the hump? Igor,  walk this way.


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