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This one is basically for Bryan. I haven't looked at tires in about 4 years. Last set I bought for my MR2 was Yokohama AVS ES100. Grip was good, water shed was good. I didn't like the feel, sidewall seed too soft, felt sloppy to me. Wore the tires out in about a week of driving up and down this hill. Wear pattern suggested massive positive camber when I was running with 1.5 degrees of negative camber.  Outside showed belt threads, inside was basically untouched. Haven't had much good to say about Yokohama. Won't say much about what is on the Speed3 as we buy tires based on HER driving style, longevity, comfort, and price. But we have BFG g-Force Super Sport a/s 225/40 ZR18 on it. Not a bad tire, wet or dry.

Tyres, eh?  I bet you call them "Kerbs," too.  :P

These days for our little cars, your choices are pretty limited.  At least you run the same size all around - I have to try to find staggered tires for the MK2 MR2s, and last I checked only two companies made tires in both sizes (or even close).  225/50/15s are unobtanium.  But anyway...

I echo your sentiments on the ES100s.  They were great in the wet, and rode really smooth, but the sidewalls were so sloppy they were awful to drive at the limit and wore out in no time.  Here's what mine looked like after a day at Buttonwillow:

They turned blue from the heat...

What tire size(s) would work for you?  What are you looking for in a tire?  I usually do all my searching at TireRack and then also Discount Tire Direct online because they carry a few brands TireRack doesn't. 

I would like to run 15's, but finding cheap, relatively light rims is pretty hard with the funds we're running on. Trying to go light on the car, so a 205- 215/55 14, or 205/50 15 should suffice. I had pretty decent handling on my 2 with 195/55 14's. But since we are going to push hard all the time, and some of us aren't used to the 2's, I think the added meat would be a good direction to go. We're not too limited on tire type so my first choice would be a Falken Azenis, or the like.  My first set of 15's were the Yokomamas at 205/50 15. Too bad they wore like cheddar cheese. Blew the clutch out and haven't had her on the road since.
Whaaaht, kerb ain't raht? C'mon, y'allr kiddin'.

Oh this is for the LeMons car?  I thought it was for your personal car.  Well I would say Azenis or Dunlop Z1 Star Specs off the top of my head.  Will have to find out what else is in 14-15" sizes tomorrow.  Bridgestone's RE-11 should be the longest lasting and most predictable of the super sticky street tires... that's why they cost more.

Bryan, do the choices for 13" rims get any better?

If we want a set of cheap tires that are decent, take a look at what I've got on both my MR2 and my Infiniti: General Altimax HP

I am running 195x60x14. They certainly are no match to my old 225x50x15 (unobtainum you say huh... dang :() Potenza S03 Pole Position tires, but they only cost me $55 each! I was looking at the Potenza RE960AS Pole Position, but they are nearly $100 more for the set and out of stock until December :o

Comparing the Altimax HP's to the cheapest tire in this size, the Bridgestone/Fuzion HRi, it's a no brainer. The HRis sell for $50 each, but look at the comparisons:

Tire Rack Comparison:
Wet   Dry   Treadwear   PriceRE960AS8.99.18.6$75-ishAltimax HP$55-ishHRi7.98.57.9$50-ish
1 set of the Altimax HPs was barely over $200. Not bad for only being 1-tenth difference in handling, but of course the treadwear is pretty important to us, but not sure if that justifies 100 more bucks.


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