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Hey guys,

I've been looking around at some overlay systems for our in-car video that we'll use for the LeMons race. Bryan, what sort of systems do you see people using? Do you have any friends who would let us borrow their system for a couple races?

Here are some resources I've come across from a small amount of searching around:

Video VBOX Lite
Example video:

Example video:

Of course these systems are thousands of dollars. There has got to be something really simple that just shows G Forces, like the PDR100 from ChaseCam, but even still it is very expensive ~ $650:

Isn't there something really simple for like $200 or so??

Another site

Also, please note I've recently acquired a couple GoPro HERO cameras: 1 normal and 1 wide. They are not the HD models unfortunately. And I've got a ton of attachment parts also.

I don't know of any affordable systems.  Race-Keeper is another one I'm aware of but I think it's also several hundred dollars.  I haven't looked into any of these systems due to the cost involved.  I think it would be tough to find something for $200.  That's the cost of a GoPro HD which is just a simple camera without any data gathering ability.  Even simple data systems like the MaxQData's entry level GPS cost a couple hundred without video.


Do you have any friends who would let us borrow their system?

I don't even know anyone who has one.


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