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Bryan, have you ever bent the strut rods in the rear? I've seen this before, but never thought much of it. The rear strut rod bending up in the middle. Especially the right side. I thought it was just from run-ins with big potholes. I've given it a bit more thought. I believe it's from hard, abusive launches! Check your strut rods, might need to reiforce them. Good idea for you too Mikey.

The rear control links are weak for sure. We need to brace them up :)

This is my passenger's side and I got the car with it already bent. I've never replaced it. I will get it replaced before Kevin does my alignment (hopefully soon)

Check the other rods too. This red MR2 is the third one I've seen with a bent strut rod.

Hm, I can't recall any of mine being bent.  Here's the only photo I have handy -- the right rear from my old red car:

I have heard about these bending when people use them to jack up the car, which seems silly as they're not very thick.

well that pic dont help... thats a lower spring strut(lower control arm) and the tie rod.nice after market lca though.


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