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Need to get together to see who's still in. I have a couple of ideas for replacements if anybody drops out. I haven't approched anyone yet, but if someone wants out we need to know. We do have one space open, so I say let's fill it. One of the peeps I have in mind is a crosser thatr works at Clawson Honda. I need to know if it's cool to approach  him before I do though. Also, since I hav en't received much in the way of feedback on the proposed mods, I went ahead with them, as seen in the pics in the status thread, got to cover anything like this as a team. I can tend to get a bit overboard with things if noone pulls the reigns. So let's schedule a meeting, maybe up here so folks can see the damage. I do feel a lot guilty that I won't be offering dinner as Kevin did at his home, but I am holding on by a thread here. But come see the progress on the car, you may have an idea to go in the same direction as I am already heading, or send me into a different vector. I'm broke, but I do have time to do the prepwork. When funds start rolling in, the finish will begin. If nothing else, you'll have fun on the drive! Only person I would expect to decline is Bevin, he has a long drive home from here. Let's do it!

I think I am out, I'm just not into racing anymore

And I saw a monkey fly out my ass last night!

Was it dead? Had wings?

Had wings and was screaming at the top of it's lungs! Dead? I guess you could describe the way it smelled as 'dead'.


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