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nzae86's AE86 N2 Race Car Project [LOTS OF PICS]

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I spent soooo much time reading through this thread I wanted to mirror and share it here. This is the sort of build I want to do to a 1985 MR2 someday. From the frame-up, complete build like this 8)

The goal of this project:

Target weight will be 800 kg (1,764 lbs)

The original thread is over 16 pages long.
I'll cut through all the bullcrap and just post the important stuff :D

[JAN 2008]

First he built a cage

Picked up a real Formula Atlantic engine

Here is the forged crank compared to a small port SC & 20-valve crank

Engine parts

Mocking it up

Staying true to the early Carburated Formula Atlantic specs

The inlet and exhaust cams are both 320 deg with 10.6mm lift TRD #881

He couldn't find an original flywheel, so he had this one custom made

Twin plate Quartermaster 71/4 inch clutch

Here it is built

Everything he bought was straight out of the TRD N2 Manual

TRD Shocks

Complete with Tein strut tops

Front Caster Rods

TRD Sway Bars

Brand new TRD 5.3:1 R&P

The real N2 cars ran Diff coolers. Here is his setup for this

Brand new TRD Transmission gear set

He couldn't find new TRD engine mounts, so the next best thing were these Cusco mounts


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