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I really like 6-spoke wheels, and one wheel I've been considering if the Rota Grid -- because I can afford them. Here are some examples:

.....but then Chee brought all of this to my attention :o


Chee, check this out


With all the mayhem in the cars pictured here, you have to keep one thing in mind, knock-off any thing is mostly for looks! In the race we are talking about, the cars are FAR from extreme, the biggest load the rims are going to experience will be far from the ability of even the cheapest rims. I do like a few of Rota's designs, but the Auto-x rims don't look like  woould take to track day. Look at Axis's magnumlite! I want a set of these rims, but would never drive them hard down the hill. All that aside though, cast wheels will never be able to take the abuse that a forged wheel can, as in the Ray's wheel pictured here. Billet does fare better than cast, but still falls short of the strength of forged. Now, ask Chee who made his rims and whether they are cast or forged. Will they withstand the 400+ whp he's touting? Or will they disintegrate like the Rota rims above? You know I drive at a decently abusive manner in my car, I Greenlights on my MR2 and have had no problems at all. I'd rate Konig in the same category as Rota as their wheels are light weight and CAST. On my budget, even when I'm working, these wheels fill the ticket.

Ask Bryan if he ever had problems with his ROTA Slipsteam! I believe they were originally a SPOON style wheel.


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