Rota wheels

Started by BigMike, September 27, 2010, 08:22:08 PM

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I'm not sure what the difference is.  They look the same.  Maybe different web sites don't always call it by the same name?

Here are a couple other interesting Rota 6-spokes I found while looking for Grid differences.

Those VarrStoens are killer!


Rota sure has a lot of designs! Those CKs are pretty sweet

What do you think about 16s on a MK1? I never liked it because of the 40-series profile, but with the lower gear ratios of a 6spd, I bet I could get away with a 16x45 or even 16x50 profile.

Comparisons, 3,000 rpm in 5th gear (stock C52 trans):
14x60x185: 66.9 MPH
15x50x205: 67.9 (+1.4%)
16x40x205: 66.1 (-1.3%)
16x45x205: 68.4 (+2.3%)
16x50x205: 70.8 (+5.5%)

Actually that isn't so bad, about 3 MPH more in 5th gear at cruising RPM. Hmmmmm

I used to run 225 in the rear, so...
15x50x225: 70.2 (+4.7%) <-- old setup
16x40x225: 67.9 (+1.5%)
16x45x225: 70.5 (+5.1%)
16x50x225: 73.1 (+8.5%)

Wow nearly 9% larger than stock...


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16s can look pretty good if the car is lowered and the offset is right.  I think my favorite look for the MK1 right now is still low offset 15s with 240Z flares.

A tall 16" tire might look funny up front though.  Dunno.