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Started by BigMike, January 27, 2010, 11:56:16 AM

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These are some pics from the South Spring 2009 event. Check out the lap times and the BS Penalties.

Dorifto Dogs, BMW 325e
Best lap: 1:04.366
Overall Winner

Lightning McQueen, Volkswagen Jetta
Best lap: 1:01.924
Winner, Class Prayer Of Winning, Saab 900 Turbo
Best lap: 1:02.377
Winner, Grassroots Motorsports Most From The Least Award

LeMons Vuitton, Plymouth Neon
Best lap: 1:03.402
BS Penalty: 15 laps
Winner, Least Horrible Yank Tank

Team Ponticrap (We Are Driving Excrement), Pontiac Fiero
Best lap: 1:05.341
Winner, Class No Prayer Of Winning

TAJ Escort Service, Ford Escort GT
Best lap: 1:08.015

Loose Tool Racing, Volkswagen Jetta
Best lap: 1:05.564
BS Penalty: 2 laps

POS Global, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:07.466, Mazda Miata
BS Penalty: 20 laps
Best lap: 1:03.379

Cherry Bomb Racing, BMW 325i
Best lap: 1:09.437

Junk Works Racing, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:06.540

Scuderia Gonzo Alonzo, Alfa Romeo Milano
Best lap: 1:06.530
Winner, Most Likely To Land In A Pond Full Of Poisonous Snakes

AIG Bailout Racing, BMW E30
Best lap: 1:06.236

Team FDonk, Nissan 720
Best lap: 1:10.981

Team Red Rocket, Ford Escort GT
Best lap: 1:06.275

Snotrod Escort, Ford Escort
Best lap: 1:08.032

CMP Mafia I, Mitsubishi Eclipse
Best lap: 1:07.016

Tunachuckers, Volvo Amazon
Best lap: 1:08.746
Winner, Heroic Fix
Winner, Best Moonshine

Hong Norr, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:05.089

Dog Ciao Racing, Alfa Romeo Spider
Best lap: 1:12.789

Theoretical Racing, Nissan 280ZX
Best lap: 1:08.579

Team Fat Bottom Girls, Mazda RX-7
Best lap: 1:07.712

Blind Rodent Racing, Ford Thunderbird
Best lap: 1:05.532

Lab Rat Motorsports, Dodge Colt E
Best lap: 1:09.241

Repo Men, Mazda 626
Best lap: 1:09.576

Dawghouse Racing 2009, Honda Prelude
Best lap: 1:07.459

Coyote Motorsports, Dodge Daytona
Best lap: 1:11.993

Pink Panther II, Honda Prelude
Best lap: 1:11.027

Amaxophobe Racing, Pontiac Fiero
Best lap: 1:17.947
BS Penalty: 30 laps

Depends Undergarments Patrol, Honda CRX
Best lap: 1:08.161
BS Penalty: 50 laps


     My 1987 Supercharged 4A-powered 6-speed MR2



Poor Man's Derrike Cope, Honda Accord
Best lap: 1:05.964
BS Penalty: 75 laps

Anger Management, Honda Civic
Best lap: 1:07.671
BS Penalty: 50 laps

Hammer's Heroes, BMW 320i
Best lap: 1:08.580
BS Penalty: 100 laps

Team Cockroach, BMW 325i
Best lap: 1:05.571
BS Penalty: 125 laps

Team Z Racing, Mazda Miata
Best lap: 1:03.807
BS Penalty: 222 laps


     My 1987 Supercharged 4A-powered 6-speed MR2