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December 3, 4 & 5, 2010: Arse-Freeze-Apalooza

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Okay guys,

I posted a question on the Official LeMons forum regarding a Pit Pass for this event.

It turns out FRIDAY INSPECTIONS ARE FREE!!!!!!!!!!

And as for a Pit Pass, they say it is $20/day for a "Paddock Pass", which turns out to be an "Everything-but-driving Pass". So for $20 you get to do anything, walk anywhere you want except onto the track.

For Friday, inspection is free. We might have to sign some insurance wavier, but it should be free.
For Saturday, it will cost $20 and we can go to the pits, talk to other drivers, meet other teams.

BigMike :gap:

For the LeMons race, wouldn't it be appropriate to allow spectators on the track? Really test the drivers skill! Test the dodge car skill of the spectators too!


Still open on the schedule! Unless I get called for work, I'd like that open seat Mike! Hell, even the wife is telling me to get out of the house!

okay I still have to petition our manager to see if he'll let me go at lunch time on Friday. I might try to work extra hours Thurs evening or come in super early Fri morning.


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