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I was unware that today is National Street Racing day

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So I just got to Panera Bread over at Sierra Vista Mall.

Leaving my house, I head north on Fowler towards HWY168. The speed limit here is 45 MPH and I rarely go over 50 due to a lot of traffic, children at play, joggers, etc. A car pulls in front of me after Butler and we slow to about 40 MPH. Out of now where some car comes right up on my butt and just starts ass-grabbing me. So I slowly merge over to the side of the lane so he can see there is a car in front of me, and he pulls back. I notice he is a truck, the headlights look like a newer Toyota 4Runner but I'm not sure yet.

We make our way to Fowler and Belmont where it turns into a 2 lane road. Everyone always has a hard-on to get into the #1 lane in preparation for the upcoming HWY168-West on-ramp. I always play it calm knowing that I will smoke any car on the 2-lane 270-degree uphill on ramp. As soon as the 2nd lane opens up, this guy behind me jumps in and slows for the red light at Belmont. Sure enough it's a black 4Runner, like a 2005+ model. He has some aftermarket black wheels with low profile tires.

The light at Belmont turns green but there is still 1 more light before the on-ramp and it is red. I'd say the 4Runner goes 75% throttle to defend the #1 lane. No big deal for me, and I slowly merge over behind him as if I am not in any hurry. This last red light turns green right before we get to the intersection and the 4Runner maintains his speed entering the on-ramp corner. I am thinking "Hey cool, finally someone who knows how to merge onto a freeway faster than 20 MPH"

So we get going on the 2-lane 270-degree up-hill right-turn on ramp, the 4Runner in the inside lane and me in the outside lane. Entering the on ramp he is a good 4 to 5 car lengths on me. I always anticipate people braking more than me so I always keep my distance so I can maintain a higher cornering speed. I enter the corner in 3rd gear which means it will be a quick and fun entry onto the freeway. Once I make the corner there is a short 100-yard straight before the remaining 180-degree corner onto the freeway. I quickly close the gap and enter the main corner bumper to bumper.

This CRAZY 4Runner guy is totally determined to enter the freeway ahead of me and he totally pushes the 4WD truck to its limits. I as well have to give it everything I've got to overtake him in the outside lane. So here we are going all out on the on-ramp, both vehicles tires squealing like crazy, lower pitch for his and a higher pitch for mine. At the end of the corner I am already at least 2 car lengths ahead of him and as soon as traction permits I take my tach all the way to 8,300 RPM in 3rd gear and power shift into 4th.

It wasn't much of a contest, even from the beginning, but I believe this is the first time anyone has seriously challenged me on that on-ramp like that. Usually people enter the corner with waay too much speed for their car and have to brake heavy and ugly. But this guy actually gave it a good effort, he was just not in a MR2.

So I exit the freeway at the 1st exit and head north on Clovis Ave towards Sierra Vista Mall. I approach a red light at Olive Ave and when it goes green some white Chevy Astro van (or a larger newer model) comes off the line right with me. I am looking over at him wondering what's up and short shift every gear to 60 MPH and then cruise.

We get to Clinton and hit a red light. It goes green and this Chevy van straight up takes off at 100% completely unannounced. I short shift into 2nd before I notice while he pulls hard away from me. I keep it in 2nd and lay down the boost quickly over taking him before 3rd gear.

The van holds 60-65 MPH with me, staying a few car lengths behind me, and then he suddenly slams on the brakes and makes a right turn at Gettysburg.

Okay, interesting, I've never been challenge twice in a row like that since reviving the car in May.

Then, the next intersection is Ashlan and I slow down for the red light. I am in the #1 lane and next to me in the #2 lane (middle lane) there is a white Acura CL 3.2-liter V6, lowered, chrome wheels, and some hottie in the passengers seat. I pay no mind, light goes green and I short shift into 2nd gear under full boost to make sure he knows this MR2 packs the torque. He responds to this by lurching a bit, clearly testing to see what I would do. So I counter his lurch with one of my own before reaching for 3rd gear. While changing gears he stuffs it and I have to accelerate up to nearly red line in 3rd to overtake him.

So now we're doing like 80+ on Clovis and as soon as he sees me passing him he slams on the brakes, changes into the #3 lane and slows waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay down to like 30 MPH. I slow all the way down to about 45 and he is still slower, so I just say forget it and accelerate back up to the speed limit.

So there is how my drive to Panera Bread went tonight. Three races in less than 5 mins.

I thought the Acura was a stick-shift, but according to Wikipedia very few were produced save the Type-S model, which I am sure it wasn't. He was definitely fully getting it, what ever it was. I was really impresses how I could chase him down and overtake him.

Looking at the stats of that Acura, it was a 2nd gen, and it should have 225 HP and weighs 3470 pounds. Power-to-weight is therefore 15.4:1. My car should have 145 HP and weighs 2440 pounds giving me a 16.8:1 ratio. Really, I shouldn't have taken him, not by a long shot. Granted he had a chick in the car, so his ratio could be as high as 15.9 or 16:1, but still, better than mine.

I am still puzzled how I just beat a 225 HP V6 Acura with only 145 HP.

Ok, time to study, at least I thought that's why I came all the way out here lol


hahaha ok guys

So after we finished at Panera bread, when I turned onto Clovis ave heading back south to home, a new Toyota Celica goes hauling by doing 60+. So I speed up to about 70 and there is no way, he is just gone. So I slow back and cruise at the regular 60. A couple mins later we are approaching Shields and it turns red forcing the Celica to brake pretty hard. So I was like SWEET! Is it a GT-S? Is it a GT-S? I get up to the light finally, and yup, GT-S. It is lowered and has gray 6 spoke wheels. We make eye contact and then wait for the light. I'm not sure if he is gonna go for it or not so we'll see what happens.

Then, right before our light goes green, a city Police Dodge pulls up to the light on east bound Shields. He has his right blinker on to turn onto south-bound Clovis. I was like "OHHH COME AWN!!"

So the light goes green, and the Celica guy takes off pretty good. He didn't chirp his tires, but he let's me know he can move, and I'm like "DUDE! DIDN'T YOU SEE THE COP??"

As soon as we get going the cop pulls out behind us. At first he was in the lane behind the Celica and then he moves into the lane behind me. I'm doing no more than 55 MPH (it's a 50 zone) and the Celica guy is gone, he is doing at least 60 and never lets up. This continues for THREE MORE RED LIGHTS. OHHH MAN I WANTED TO RACE A GT-S SO BAD to see what the newer Toyota VVTL-i can do!! That cop followed us ALL THE WAY to Kings Canyon.

WOW. So I almost got to race a GT-S on this same day. MAN what a crazy night. I didn't know it was National Street Racing Day.


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