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Heading to Bill's house Monday (Nov 1st) with an open seat


I am heading up to Bill's house next Monday (11/1) around 4pm and I've got an open seat with your name on it.

Please reply and let me know if you'd like to carpool or even caravan up with me!


Hey mike, I'll go!

Ok, I'll come up to your place to pick you up, and then we can go to Bill's place :yesnod:

Ohhhhhhhhh kay

Ummmm Bill, I have to let you down again :down:

My clutch is slipping pretty bad now that I am gonna unplug my Supercharger. I am gonna have to limp the car around town for the next week or two before I can get the 6spd built and get my new clutch kit in.

So either I don't take to my MR2 up to your place, or I take it but then not have the car for the next 2 weeks.

So I can take my mother's Saturn, but she needs it tonight. I am not gonna take my truck as it is out of gas, has no doors at the moment, and is full of cans and bottles (to be recycled).

I will try to come up Wed after work using the Saturn.

Sorry man....

If by some chance we get together here this weekend 1/15-16/11, preferably Sunday the 16th, Barbara and I usually do our intown stuff Saturdays.I would like to get the steering and brakes hooked up. Then we can roll it to the garage. Can't work in the barn any more, too much mud. I'd feel safer in thje garage now with the car on jackstands. I'll get the garage prepped during the next week. This week I'm working on the driveway. with the cold nights too mech ice is forming on the steep area just below my drive and too many people are sliding.


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