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Top ten reasons Racing is better than Sex


I found this on Bill Sherwood's website :yupyup:

Top ten reasons Racing is better than Sex:
10. Itís socially acceptable to do it while others watch.
9. Bigger cars donít always get the most attention.
8. The phone wonít ring in the middle of your race.
7. You get to use your rubber more than once.
6. You donít have to sit through dinner and a movie before you race.
5. You and the car always finish at the same time.
4. You always know where to put your hands.
3. You can drive hard, right from the start.
2. The quicker you finish, the better you are.
1. You can do it more than once in one afternoon.

All but 1, 4, 6and 7 are true. 4, and 6? I'm married, 30 years! Don't have to sit through anything first, and I definately know where to put my hands! #7, 3 kids and that's all, and we haven't seen a rubber in 27 years, took care of that problem! #1, I haven't slowed down that much................ YET! And 50 is staring at me from around the corner! #1 should be You can do it 'till the day you die!


What?? It's all true!

If Momma aint happy, you don't get to sit at home for more than a year, unemployed. Fishing, working on cars, even thinking of racing is a nono.
And I keep Momma happy!


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