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End of days

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We live in a society that is in a constant state of pranoia. 1999, time to party, the seer has predicted the end at the beginning of the millenia! Oh, we didn't die, weel hewas off by maybe a year, yeah, a year, by my new calculations it will be 2001. Oh we didn't die? The mayans calander ends 12/21/12. That's got to be it! hey let's party like the end is nigh!! Solar flare in 2013!?  Oh, we didn't die. Well now we have a good possibility! An asteroiid is calculated to hit the planet April 13, 2029! Yeah Apophos! here it comes! Oh, the calculations were off and 2036 is the year we have to worry about? Damn, I'll be 106 years old then. Oh well. Yeah Apophos I'll wait for you!!

Eventually it will happen, when it does, it does. What is the fascination with the end of the planet? We have so many threats knocking at the door! We have 6 super volcanos, 2 in the U.S.A., nuclear weapons, biological, pole shift, man made singularity, global warming, Gamma burst, coronal mass ejection. The list goes on and on. The Hadron Collider........ The things that people are so afraid of. They cried about the possibility of a singularity developing. That was debunked. So the argument went to the production of Strange matter. If it ever stabilizes it'll develope a strangelet. Let's just got back to ignorant and happy. All the information facinates me to no end! But the information feeds the monster I believe will destroy the human race. That monster is paranoia! Of all the possibilities out there, I think the black hole is the way I want to see the end.

January 1, 2013, the clouds in this picture will be water! Beachfront property will be mine!! Life on the Sierra coast!

If that happens I won't be worried :thumbs:

What? You think you're going to move into my barn?


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