Author Topic: CMP '11 and Texas '11 Apps Due Soon!  (Read 4176 times)

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CMP '11 and Texas '11 Apps Due Soon!
« on: November 25, 2010, 09:49:09 AM »
Yes, Walmart started playing Christmas music at 12:01am the day after Halloween. And in another sign of the Apocalypse, the first two entry deadlines for LeMons 2011 are already looming. Entries for Southern Discomfort (at Carolina Motorsports Park on 19-20 Feb) are due Saturday, December 11; apps for Gator-O-Rama (at MSR Houston on 26-27 Feb) are due Saturday, December 18. (For driver info, go here; to see all 2011 races and deadlines, click here; to enter the damn thing, click here.)

Speaking of entries, should you be foolish enough to actually enter a race in '11, you'll notice our all-new reg system. Just like every redesigned BMW of the last 50 years, we figure this will result in one week of furious complaints followed by years of slavish devotion. That's our theory, anyway.

Where the old system was team-centric, the new one is individual-centric. In a nutshell, each team member creates his or her own online profile, which they can then keep and modify for as long as they want. To make a team, captains just add those profiles to their rosters, and bam--the team's done. Unlike before, you'll be able to retain team info from one race to the next; to run multi-car efforts from a single team page; and to tell annoying team captains to bugger off without losing the info you used to sign up.

You'll hate it, but just wait a week.

See you there--Nick

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