Twin Charged V6 MK2 MR2

Started by BigMike, November 26, 2010, 02:30:15 PM

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This is pretty cool

It is a 1994-2006 3-liter 1MZ-FE Camry engine. The base engine is rated at 190 HP & 193 TQ, and the base TRD SC setup is rated at 242 HP & 242 TQ (probably at 6 psi boost)

Now this is very interesting. The black torque band (earliest and flattest) is the Supercharger ONLY, the blue torque band (latest and peaky) is the Turbo ONLY, and then the red torque band is both chargers together. The horsepower bands seem strange. The Supercharged only HP band (green) is totally linear all the way to redline, which shouldn't occur with proper tuning. So I am assuming tuning was only done to the red band (compound twin charger). Pretty cool to see the three split bands like that!

307 HP & 279 TQ


     My 1987 Supercharged 4A-powered 6-speed MR2