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MR2 Radiator Air Flow- Killing Two Birds with One Stone

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Here is something to keep in mind...

When repositioning the radiator and redirecting air flow up and out through a reverse hood scoop, we are not only reducing pressure underneath the car, but we are also creating DOWN FORCE for the front axle :thumbs:

The green reaction force I drew is the vertical component. It's just for illustration anyway

So if we make sure the radiator is firmly supported by the chassis, we can take advantage of the "spoiler" effect from each radiator fin :yesnod:

So it's not just the air going over the hood and windshield, it's also the force acting directly on the radiator too

See what it would take to reposition the radiator. Mayyybee we can do it.

:thumbs: Find out how so I can do it to my car next spring lol

We have a car to do all the R&D we want! At least until I cut it into itty bitty pieces and take it to the recyclers.

Which reminds me, please check the rack and pinion and steering components, and if they are in good shape, I'd like to put them on my car. My steering rack is getting worse, it is really loose. It's got almost 300,000 miles!



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