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What Supercharger is this??

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Can someone please identify this Supercharger. I've been looking around online and I can't figure out what it is. All I know is it's a Twin Screw (DUH!)

Is this made by Autorotor ? Is it a Whipple?


Maybe an older Lysholm? Whipple is a possibility.  Not sure if any manufacturer uses billet or extruded bodies any more. If you want to check out a really cool supercharger, look up Latham! Axial type compressor.

I'm just thinking about SC14 alternatives. Sure I love the SC14 because it is an OEM Toyota part and it will be easiest to get right past my smog technician (it looks nearly identical plus it's hidden down low), but because it is hidden down low, I bet I could also get away with a twin screw type more efficient blower and perhaps get 20 psi out of it instead of only 16 or 17 psi out of the SC14.

The only problem is that these rarely have magnetic clutches, but I am willing to make the JDM SC12 clutch fit it, that would be sweeeet.

Eaton superchargers. Might be able to adapt the M62 clutch to the M90 without too much trouble. Might be easier for someone with school smarts!

The M62 was available with a clutch? show me an example


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