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I LOVE Radio Controlled Cars, always have always will. Blane525 was actually the one introduced me to the beautiful world of R/C cars.

Some R/C Cars I've owned over the years:

1:10 Associated RC10 (the original!) Sold it many years ago

1:10 Associated RC10T (the original with a stealth trans!) Still have it!

1:10 Tamiya Mountaineer - Still have it! 707:1 Crawl Ratio. You can find it on YouTube such as:

1:18 Nylint Rock Crawler - Still have it, extremely highly modified, Futaba electronics, converted to dual planetary and 4-link rear suspension

1:10 Axial AX10 - Still have it, fully built to the tilt. You can see it on YouTube such as:
My AX10 is the Green/White one.

1:10 HPI RS4 (the original) Belt drive and bad to the bone. Highly modified and runs a Lotus Exige body. She's good. I will post some pics later. It is a beautiful car that runs really really strong. Great cornering and handling, just ask Bevin!

So recently, with all the drifting R/Cs coming out, I really want to get one some day. So I've been looking at my RS4 sitting on my shelf in my garage and I started wondering if anyone ever made a MR2 body for it.

Not for drifting, remember the RS4 isn't a drift car (not to say it can't become a drift car), but just to have a mini-me MR2: my 1:1 MR2 and a 1:10th MR2. That would be SWEET!

So I did some searching and check this out!!


DUDE HOW AWESOME IS THAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Apparently someone is also making a MK2 body! CHECK IT OUT!!


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