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To TVIS or not?


Hey Bill,

Assuming the judges have seen half a million 4A-GEs come their way, they ought to know which cars came with TVIS.

Considering the fact that we have the option of dyno tuning, should we ditch the TVIS? If so then we could pull the butterflies out and tig-weld up the holes. Then from the outside, we'd leave most of the system in place. Most of it is below the manifold anyhow, but if they are really meticulous, then they would know if it was missing.

The simple way would be to just remove the butterflies from the shaft & leave the shaft and the rest of the TVIS in place...

Hey, wait!

If we use my ported & polished race head then this won't apply since it is a small port. We will have to use a small port JDM intake manifold and I am sure they would know a difference...

So... we could shave down the ribs atop the JDM manifold and then spray paint the whole thing. Then just tell them that we removed the TVIS sticker and raised square edges because it looked better?

Just use the small port head. Tell the judges you swapped the T-VIS head to the high comp JDM block you bought for your smogged MR2. Even swap, no monies exchanged. Might even be worth less than the T-VIS set up as there are less parts. Use a three rib block just to cement your story. A seven rib block won't be necessary at the power levels we have been looking at anyway.


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