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Fender Areo


I was looking around for some canard pictures and I came across this.

What sort of benefit might something like this give us? Is there any reason to do this?

Maybe this will help vent air out from beneath the car helping with minimizing the pressure under the front end?

Supercars feature this. It's certainly something we can do for free :idea:

I believe that uses the 'pumping' action of the tires rotation to remove the air from the wheel well. Was thinking of doin something similar to the rear wells, but vent the air ouit the tail light holes.

Do we still have the fenders from the white car (did it originally have any)? If so and they are for the most part junk, then I'd like to see what this looks like on my car :hyper:

We have a few spare parts.  I'll check and let you know what I have.


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