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Smog Exempt

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Ah! I hadn't thought about the Starlet and the 510 :thumbs:

Can't discount the Datsun skyline! Look into a Chevy Chevette, it had front engine rear drive train and was quite light! I liked the Ford Festiva for it's size and weight. The festiva could have the Mazda 1.8 turbo dropped in with junkyard parts and dieting to weights in the neighborhood of 1400 lbs! 1400 lbs and a 200+ hp powerplant!!? Oh yeah, let's not forget the Mini!!

Okay let's start picketing and get some signatures to repeal this law :greengrin:

I say we set the whole smog program aside 'til this financial crisis is over! Any idea how many tax dollars are used to run the program?! The state budget is a mess and the smog program really IS NOT a necessity to keep this state operational! Shut it down!! At least on a temporary basis! Then revamp the whole program when it is put back into action. There are sooo many things about the way it's run that need to be addressed. One of the items on my list is the vehicles age! Another is the way the vehicles are tested.  Ok, I'll put my soapbax away...

Obviously the purpose of the program is to rise money for the government. Otherwise, why would they need to control what we do? If the point is to "reduce emissions" and ensure cars "burn clean" then ONLY check for tail pipe emissions and if they are clean then APPROVE no matter what it is.


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