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Figured I'd start a thread on this already :_order:

My 4A-GZE is 100% completely bone stock right down to the stock air cleaner & box (it does have a 9 lb flywheel however). Transaxle is a close ratio C56. Car weighs around 2350 lbs. So this will give you an idea of what it can do all stock.

My Street Race Log (last updated 1/28)

OpponentIt's Color?Where?Gears?ResultNotesNissan 350ZSilver1-3rdWon, barelyIt looked all stockNissan 350ZDark BlueClovis & Ashlan1-3rdLost, barely    It had a nice exhaust systemFord Mustang GT, newer model    Red with white stripe    HWY152W approaching Los Banos    4thLostI was drafting behind him and still couldn't keep upScion TcDark BlueHWY152E uphill4thWonThat wasn't much of a challenge, but uphill is where my torque band really pays offBMW Z4 (E85)BlackHWY180W approaching HWY995thWon, barelyWas slowly pulling away in 5th gear. I could have downshifted. No clue what engine it hadToyota Celica GT-SRedHWY152W up Pachaco pass4thWon, barelyIt was uphill and I was slowly walking away from himFord Mustang GT, older modelBlackHWY152W near Casa de Fruita4thLostSame with the other Mustang, I was drafting and still couldn't keep upSaturn 4-doorSilverHWY152E leaving Gilroy1-2Won, easilyhahahahahaInfiniti G30SilverClovis & Tulare1-3Won, barelyIt was an automatic, but I'm not sure if the person was going all out or notKyle's Mitsu Evo9SilverHWY168W near Shepherd1-3Lost badlyI had Kevin in my car but it was no use, he is waaay faster right nowChee's 1ZZ Toyota CorollaSilverOlive & Winery1-2Won, easilyIt was just for fun and Chee got smokedPontiac Fiero GTSilverAshlan & Armstrong1-2Won, easilyWe launched 4 or 5 times. Each time had him by about 3 car lengths at the top of 2nd gear

I believe the Scion TC is supposed to have the same power as the Tacoma, just heavier. The BMW (Big Mexican Woman) I believe has a 3.0 straight 6 with the valvetronic valvetrain I mentioned somewhere on this forum. Supposedly, power is aroound 255 hp. I have learned that the Muskrat guys won't play with Jap Crap any more unless they are modified themselves, so no big loss there. Seems they are tired of getting spanked all the time.  And the guys that go Cobra or Saleen badge don't think a little jap car is worth the effort. I am curious how you would do against the 3 though. I have about a 100 horse on you, and about a 1000lbs. You have a chance! Running about 12 1/2 pouns per horse.

Ah! You reminded me about Kyle's Evo IX. I got owned by it that day we all came up to your place. Your Speed3 will make my car look like a Reliant Robin

EDIT: I also just remembered about  Chee's 1ZZ-FE powered 4-door Corolla (wife's car)

Oh yeah! You had troiuble keeping up with a Tacoma! :rofl:

[Monty Python]THAT IS NO ORRRRRRRDINARY TACOMA!!!!![/Monty Python]


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