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GM rotary?!

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In 1970, General Motors paid $50,000, 000 (?) for a license to produce a rotory powered car! The little engine was built as a 3.38 liter, 2 rotor. It was tested in the Vega, and not used due to efficiency deficitts. After a few years of T&T, the engine was getting about 20 MPG, but had longevity problems and  was abandoned.  At least they got the displacement calculations right! Still, could you imagine if GM actually ran with the whole rotary thing? What an abortion that would be! :puke:


--- Quote from: Sirdeuce on January 29, 2011, 08:59:21 AM ---What an abortion that would be! :puke:
--- End quote ---

Have you seen the movie Who Killed the Electric Car?

Never heard of that movie, but i'll look for it in Netflix.

You have GOT to watch it!

Build an electric car that the fuel cells (batteries) never have to be replaced, and recharge in the same time as a gas tank fills. Gets mileage similar to a gas car. Gives comperable performance of a gas car. And I would buy one!


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