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Bill was talking to me about the the Enkei RPF1. 15x7 wheel only weighs 9.5 pounds :o

What do you guys think? Cost is about $185 - $200 each. I would get a 15" version and *may* consider a 16" but I don't like 40-series tires.

My favorite wheel style is solid 6-spokes, but the 12-spoke layout of the RPF1 turns me on :eyebrow:

Here is a 5-lug version

I love black wheels on my car, but dark gray might work also...

I'm dig'n these wheels :yesnod:

NICE. I want to get my car this clean this year. I hope to get a paint job hopefully in the fall :yesnod:

Are these 14s ?

Hmm, I think they are 14".... tough to be sure.  They could be 15s with really fat bubbly tires on them.  But I had to bet I'd say 14.

Definitely go for some black ones Mike. :)  Awesome wheels.  Let's see, 15x7 comes in 35mm offset?  Or 38mm?  I wouldn't go higher than 40mm if possible.  +45 wheels get sucked inside the fenders too much IMO.

Remember to take into account your spacers you made when calculating your offset too Mikey.


I wonder what the offset was on my old wheels........

EDIT: I figured it out! sweeeeeeeeeeeeet Pictures are from July 29 and 30, 2002 :o Fronts are 205mm tires, rear is 225 tires. Same rims F&R


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