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So apparently people are using ST185 Celica calipers and rotors. The Celica is 5-lug and apparently it's possible to redrill for the AW11's 4x100mm bolt pattern.

The Celica rotors are about 177mm in diameter.

I haven't figured out all the details yet, but we can EASILY get drilled & slotted Celica rotors from our brake supplier for cheap.

We can also go with 1994-1999 GT-Four (ST205) 4 piston calipers and 315mm rotor, but this might require a 16" wheel, I don't know :dunno:

Some links to start with:

The AW11 Brake Upgrade Thread

AW11 MR2 Brake Bolt-on Brake Upgrades

Here is a comparison of the 177mm ST185 Celica rotors to the stock AW11 rotors (not sure what year AW11 rotors though...)

Also the 1" Hilux Master cylinder that we sell bolts right onto the stock AW11 booster!!

We buy these in bulk so I'll get a great price on them

Store link: http://www.marlincrawler.com/brake/master-cylinder/big-bore-fj80-brake-master-cylinder

1990 Celica GT calipers are have a 57mm piston diameter vs. AW11 46mm piston diameter. Apparently this is a bolt-on swap (with more pad options available).

Here are the 1990 Celica GT calipers installed with everything else stock 1987-89 style AW11 brakes:

Currently, I'm for the 57mm Celica calipers with '87 and later vented MR2 rotors on the front and rear. Cheap and easy for now


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