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Now that my car is back on the road and doing so well, I am going to start working on cleaning it up and making it look presentable.

I want to open this thread with some goals I've got in mind. Now that I've got a full-time income, I'll be able to really start cleaning it up. However, my wife and I are in the process of getting all our debt paid off first, so I won't be getting too serious about this until Fall.

Here is what I've got in mind at this time:

* Flat-nosed 85-86 style front bumper
* Finish driver's side trunk air intake scoop
* Build reverse front hood scoop and lean radiator forward
* Replace any plastic and rubber parts as needed
* Panda black/white new paint job
* Black 15" Enkei RPF1 wheels
* New suspension bushings all around

Here is an example of a Panda MR2. I really like this, especially with some black 15" wheels. Not sure about the hood graphics since I will be building a reverse hood scoop

Here are the Enkei RPF1 wheels as discussed in this thread. I like these over the Rota wheels for sure

Perhaps one aspect I'll work on first is my door panels. When I got my Supercharged donor car, it came with a spare set of doors with absolutely CHERRY panels, straight do the the original full un-faded "Window Lock" button text. The only problem is that they are BLACK :( I really love Blue but it is so much easier to find black interior parts, so I just may find myself converting my interior over to black.

I've already for a black radio bezel, black carpet and 2nd gen MR2 floor mats, black seats, and to-be-installed black door panels. Even my glove box lid is black however it is covered by a blue dash mat that needs to be replaced (with a black one maybe?)

I'll keep this thread updated when I install the new door panels, hopefully within the next 2 weeks :thumbs:

More Panda pics:


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