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I'm getting more and more serious about going Panda. What do you guys think? :wave:

I think it's meant to be.   I also have black side skirts taking up space in the garage next to the black rear wing. ;)  And then there's the unpainted flat black air dam. 

If Mike doesn't want the ground effects, I'll take them!

If Mikey does want your ground effects, I'll take his old pieces for the Poupe'!

I've been making a lot of progress on my car in terms of repairing the little things that go unnoticed. Got a lot of plastic parts replaced that died from six years of mouse pee and/or sun light.

I've now officially got a new target to shoot for! HERE IS IT! I am gonna go AE86 theme on my MR2 like this. What do you guys think? I think I will be able for a new paint job next summer :thumbs: :thumbs:

This means my new black 6-spoke Rotas will need to get replaced with something more retro AE86. Any way, I think this is S-E-X-Y to the TEE!


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