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Hey guys,

I have a friend who just doesn't understand why I think drifting is cool. He think it is slower than normal driving and that the only reason why imports drift is because they don't have the torque to do burnouts in a straight line, so they have to do it when traction is lower in a corner.

My explanation is that there is a place for both grip and drift racing. However, I have to believe that grip is better than drift or else we'd see F1 cars drifting all over the place. But, on the flip side, I heard that when my hero Keiichi Tsuchiya began drifting back in the day, it was such an unorthodox style that people mocked him but yet he began winning and did really really well drift racing.

So what's your opinion on it? Again, I told my friend that it's all about the type of race. NASCARs would be slower if they tried drifting those loooong corners and people wouldn't be able to do gymkhana without drifting.


Saying one form of racing, or driving stlye, or what cars are superior to others is pure hogwash. Each type of racing or driving style requires a different set up. Let's try a few car/style matchups.
1, Top Fuel dragster, Corsica ralley couse
2, UniMog, Auto X course
3, Indy car, Rubicon
Hmmm, somethings just don't mix. Another thing that makes a difference is the driver. Some of these guys NEED the brute power in the straights, gives theem a chance to catch up. I don't think I could hold a candle to Bryan, but I'm no slouch either. I know a few of those muscle type cars that can burn the tires for a 100', but they fall to the wayside behind my little underpowered Japanese pickup.
I say we make racing fun! Put a bend in the 1/4 mile, just 45*, see how fast Funny cars are then. I think it would even the field, 3 second car v. 10 second car. !0 second car wont slow down, 3 second car has to nearly stop. Sounds like an even race to me. As for drifting in NASCAR? Bring it on! People watch it for the crashes! Enhance the lure! The mortuarys will love this modification to the race.
I think it was Super Street that did a comparison on the subject of grip to drift racing. Grip was faster. But drift has tons more style!
Each to their own is all I'm saying. Politics, Religion, eating spagetti, Hey, it's all the same, just executed differently by different people.

Okay, then why was Tsuchiya, with the same class of cars on the same track, doing so well drifting while everyone else was racing grip?

Because the Drift King is better either way! If he did a comparison of him drifting opposed to him on a grip run his grip run would be faster.


--- Quote from: Sirdeuce on March 22, 2011, 09:46:44 PM ---Because the Drift King is better either way!
--- End quote ---
Ahhhhhhh good point, you is very wise my friend

--- Quote from: Sirdeuce on March 22, 2011, 09:46:44 PM ---If he did a comparison of him drifting opposed to him on a grip run his grip run would be faster.
--- End quote ---
A HA! So this proves grip is faster! I want to see a new class of F1 Drift cars :yesnod: :driving: :burnout:


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